Akinokure gets his facts wrong



Akinokure is self-righteous about nerd self-righteousness.


That’s where Microsoft came in, delivering a user-friendly system to the average person. How else did it become so damn common? Microsoft was not driven by an abstract ideology but by concrete concerns about whether users would buy it or not. And whaddaya know, Windows works way better for starving black Africans than Linux does. Once again, practical demolishes theoretical.

In summary, nerds don’t want to democratize access to what is truly best for the average Third Worlder. Rather, they want to develop and disseminate an alternative to the so-called best — something that would prove how idiotic, clumsy, and evil the corporate developers were, and how smart, clever, and noble the Open Source crusaders were.


He is just plain wrong.


Bill Gates didn’t get Microsoft to an illegal monopoly by providing a good product.  Bill Gates provided a bad, buggy, incompetently-made product.


Bill Gates’ family used connections to get stupid US government buyers to waste lots of money on bad Microsoft products.


Bill Gates does not help people with his Microsoft activities.  (Many people argue that Gates’ alleged charity activities are also just for show – I won’t investigate those allegations.)


Microsoft was NEVER interested in whether average users would buy their products uncoerced – Microsoft was concerned with breaking the law to get government officials to betray the public trust by making the US government dependent on Microsoft.


After the US government had been captured, everyone else followed suit.


And users did NOT get a user-friendly system – they got user-hostile systems that made information access as painful as a root canal.