What is the Seeks P2P pattern matching network?


What is Seeks ?

Seeks is a p2p pattern matching overlay network on top of existing search engines. It provides collaborative websearch capabilities by automatically regrouping users based on the similarity of their queries, and letting them reorganize and evaluate the search results together. Seeks implements a websearch proxy and a distributed hashtable for this purpose.

What does Seeks do again, I’m confused ?

Seeks proposes that users share their queries to the main websearch engines. By doing so, users who perform similar queries can be automatically connected together through a p2p network. The grouping of users is called a search group. Within a search group users and their machines interact to evaluate, organize and monitor results to their queries. Also, users will have the ability to connect to a search group, and publish their own work (i.e. website, comments, tweets) directly to the group.


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