It’s time to start talking about I2P – the Invisible Internet Project

Yesterday I assumed that there must be several free wordpress blogs that tag stuff with “I2P” to denote “Invisible Internet Project.”

It looks like I was wrong about that.

I found one blog that mentioned TOR a lot, but I couldn’t find any blogs about I2P.


So here’s the main link:


and here’s a link to an informative site that might help once you’ve gotten I2P up and running:


Obviously, most of the people who will be enthusiastic about I2P will set up their sites on I2P, not on the clearnet.


I don’t know how much there is to say about I2P: it allows a reasonable expectation of privacy, something which is rapidly eroding on the clearnet.


I don’t have an I2P site myself, but perhaps I will contact a security expert to write a guest post on this topic.

Update: I found one other post tagged I2P: it’s at this link:


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