The importance of experiencing Linux

If I were a Heinlein fan I would have titled this “The importance of groking Linux,” but I don’t enjoy Heinlein’s writings very much, and anyway I don’t know that anyone totally understands Linux – people work with it, but “grok” is supposed to indicate total one-ness of being with the subject.

Linux is important. I am thankful that it’s possible to get some degree of tech support, but of course general – purpose forums don’t always have the exact tech support that one wants.

At the moment, if I want to set up an actual firewall for my network, I need to get more hardware.

Even if I can obtain that hardware, there will be many painstaking steps.

So for the moment, before I make any meaningful contribution to, I have to concentrate on, and possible related sites such as

I suppose in due course, I should redesign this site to link to some relevant sites.

It’s just terrible that in this Halloween season, which comes but once a year, I’m posting about technology instead of something gothy. This makes me fear that I’m losing whatever scant goth credibility I might have ever had.

Well, painful things happen in this world and people lose things that are important to them.


Progress on security self-education

Okay, if I were the political activism type, I would be checking up on:

and getting ready for the protest.

That’s not really my thing, so instead I installed Linux Mint on a cheap machine and now I can’t understand why my JAVA_HOME is not set properly.

Clearly I have a lot of progress that still needs to be made. Having my own Linux machine is just the start of a long journey.

Instead of posting on RPG forums, I’ll probably be posting on tech support forums.

For example:

Obviously I haven’t been updating the blog frequently. It requires a bit of willpower to set aside easy, entertaining things like fiction, games, and comedy websites.

Even if I only post once a week, I’ll be able to prod myself into making a little progress each week, just so that I have something to post about.