Ars Magica effects that got recycled, with and without meaningful rule connections

Opening the Intangible Tunnel is a Rego Vim spell from p. 234 of 3rd edition Ars Magica. It uses an “arcane connection” – e.g. a lock of the target’s hair – to open up a magical tunnel that allows the casting of spells on the target.

This kind of effect can be replaced with Correspondence effects in Mage.

Hermes’ Portal is a level 75 Rego Terram spell, which creates a permanent teleport gate. The same name, Hermes’ Portal, is used on p. 186 of Mage 1st Edition.

Black Whisper is a level 30 Perdo Mentem spell which duplicates Entropy 5, allowing destruction of a mind with words.

Ball of Abysmal Flame was a level 30 Creo Ignem spell before it became one of the first Mage rotes.

The Seven League Stride was a level 35 Rego Corporem spell before it became the most famous Correspondence 3 effect, on p. 185 of Mage 1st edition.

Most spells do not match up exactly with their later adaptations. For example, Intellego Mentem has the level 30 spell Peering into the Mortal Mind and Muto Mentem has the Level 20 spell Recollections of Memories Never Quite Lived, which allows changing memories. Both Vampire and Mage had various similar effects.

It is also interesting to compare Invisibility of the Standing Wizard – a Level 15 Perdo Imagonem spell – to the first dot of Obfuscate in Vampire: the Masquerade.


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